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OECD Conference

Beneficial ownership transparency: a hot topic at OECD-FAO-UNODC conference

PARIS - 14 October 2016. Fisheries-related crime such as human trafficking, smuggling of migrants, corruption and tax fraud is growing, according to the OECD. These crimes undermine governments’ capacity to enforce policy, promote food security, reduce poverty, fund public expenditure and support development activities. At the conference on improving co-operation…


Fishing Boats in Jimbaran, Bali

Indonesia to host 2nd International Conference of the Fisheries Transparency Initiative on 27 April 2017

JAKARTA/BERLIN - 19 October 2016. The Republic of Indonesia and the Fisheries Transparency Initiative (FiTI) are delighted to announce that Indonesia will host the 2nd International FiTI Conference in Bali, Indonesia, on Thursday, 27 April 2017. The FiTI is a global multi-stakeholder initiative, which aims at enhancing responsible and sustainable…


FiTI side event COFI

FiTI side-event at 32nd COFI

ROME - 14 July 2016. The Fisheries Transparency Initiative (FiTI) was invited to hold an official side-event at the 32nd session of the COFI in Rome: “From transparency to accountability – How credible information supports responsible fisheries” attracted a variety of interested stakeholders and permitted interactive discussions amongst the participants. Reflecting…



SRFC & FiTI Secretariat partner to enhance transparent and inclusive fisheries

DAKAR/BERLIN, 18 May 2016. Efforts to enhance sustainable fisheries are stepping up in the West-African region, after the Sub-Regional Fisheries Commission (SRFC) and the International Secretariat of the Fisheries Transparency Initiative (FiTI) signed a partnership agreement to promote transparency and participation in fisheries. “It is the objective of the SRFC to…