The Islamic Republic of Mauritania has been a FiTI Candidate country since December 2018.

Mauritania is renowned for its abundant and diverse fisheries resources. Nearly 600 fish species have been inventoried, of which more than 200 are commercially exploitable. The importance that marine fisheries play for Mauritania in fulfilling the economic, employment, food security, and nutrition needs of its people cannot be underestimated.

FiTI Lead Ministry:Ministry of Fisheries and Maritime Economy
FiTI National Lead:Mr Sidi Ali Sidi Boubacar
Head of FiTI National Secretariat:Mr Lamine Camara
Contact within the FiTI International Secretariat:Mr Mansor Ndour

Implementation timeline


Government of Mauritania announces its commitment to join the FiTI

Candidate Country

FiTI International Board grants Candidate Country status to Mauritania

FiTI Report

Mauritania's Multi-Stakeholder Group publishes its 2018 FiTI Report

FiTI Report

Mauritania's Multi-Stakeholder Group publishes its 2019-20 FiTI Report


FiTI International Board recognises Mauritania's implementation efforts as ‘meaningful progress’

FiTI Report

Mauritania's Multi-Stakeholder Group publishes its 2021 FiTI Report

FiTI Report

Mauritania's Multi-Stakeholder Group publishes its 2022 FiTI Report

Candidate application

The FiTI International Board approved Mauritania’s Candidate application on 13 December 2018 during its 5th Board meeting.

FiTI Reports

No.Calendar yearTransparency requirementsSubmission dateDownload
12018618 May 20212018 FiTI Report
22019 & 20201224 March 20222019/20 FiTI Report
32021626 April 20232021 FiTI Report
420221215 December 20232022 FiTI Report

Mauritania’s fifth FiTI Report, covering calendar year 2023, is due by the end of 2024.


The FiTI International Board has recognised Mauritania’s efforts to implement the FiTI Standard with a score of ‘meaningful progress’ in the first validation of the country; time frame: December 2018 until March 2022.

The ’meaningful progress’ score means that Mauritania, for now, remains a FiTI Candidate Country. As part of its Compliance Statement, the FiTI International Board has issued five corrective actions for Mauritania to undertake which, if properly addressed, will see the country progress to the status of a FiTI Compliant Country. The Board will review the implementation status of these corrective actions during the next validation of Mauritania, which is scheduled to start in July 2024.

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