Cabo Verde

The Republic of Cabo Verde has been a FiTI Candidate Country since February 2023.

In Cabo Verde, a Small Island Developing State (SIDS), 80 percent of the population lives in near the coast. Coastal fisheries play a huge part in the food, nutrition, livelihoods and local economies of the island nation. However, overfishing, pollution and climate change are putting increasing pressure on fisheries resources in the nine-inhabited islands archipelagic small State.

FiTI Lead Ministry:Ministry of the Sea (Resolution n. 33/2022)
FiTI National Lead:Ms Iolanda Brites
Head of FiTI National Secretariat:Mr Emilio Sanches
Contact within the FiTI International Secretariat:Ms Sara Lopes

Implementation timeline


Government of Cabo Verde announces its commitment to join the FiTI

Candidate Country

FiTI International Board grants Candidate Country status to Cabo Verde

FiTI Report

Cabo Verde's Multi-Stakeholder Group publishes its 2022 FiTI Report

Candidate application

The FiTI International Board approved Cabo Verde’s Candidate application on 16 February 2023. The official documents were submitted by Ms Iolanda Brites, FiTI National Lead on 3 January 2023.

FiTI Reports

No.Calendar YearTransparency
Approval dateDownload
12022629 December 20232022 FiTI Report

Cabo Verde’s second FiTI Report, covering calendar year 2023, is expected by December 2024.


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