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Mauritania publishes 4th annual FiTI Report, covering calendar year 2022

The FiTI National Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG) of Mauritania has now published its fourth annual FiTI Report, covering publicly available marine fisheries information for calendar year 2022. By publishing this report, the National MSG demonstrates Mauritania’s continuing commitment to improve transparency in marine fisheries management. This report enables all interested stakeholders to better understand…


An image showing a the front page of the Cabo Verde FiTI Report and several key figures from the report.

Cabo Verde publishes first FiTI Report, prioritizing a transparent fisheries sector

PRAIA - Cabo Verde‘s Multi-stakeholder Group (MSG) has taken a critical step towards fisheries transparency this week, publishing their first FiTI Report and re-emphasising their commitment to improving governance within the marine fisheries sector. Although this new report provides public access to a range of previously unpublished information, it also highlights…


Guinea nears completion of sign-up steps, affirming its commitment to implement the FiTI

Conakry, 17-27 January 2024. The FiTI International Secretariat recently participated in a series of meetings with stakeholders in the Republic of Guinea to support the country in finalising its FiTI application process and developing the first Action Plan of the Conseil National pour la Pêche, l’Aquaculture et l’Economie Maritime (CNPAEM),…


Madagascar publishes first FiTI Report, demonstrating commitment to fisheries transparency

In a significant step, Madagascar's Multi-stakeholder Group (MSG) has published their inaugural FiTI Report, demonstrating their commitment to prioritising transparency within the fisheries sector. While the new report makes a range of previously unpublished information now publicly accessible, it also highlights a range of challenges. The 2022 FiTI Report, published…


FiTI and People Powered collaborate on strengthening inclusive fisheries policy-making in Seychelles and Madagascar

The FiTI and People Powered - the Global Hub for Participatory Democracy - are collaborating on a pilot project to strengthen the link between transparency and stakeholder participation with the aim of developing a scalable global model that can be beneficial for other FiTI countries in the future. Public availability…


TAKING STOCK: FiTI initiates online transparency assessment of fisheries management information for China

The Fisheries Transparency Initiative (FiTI) has initiated today a TAKING STOCK assessment for China to strengthen global understanding of transparency in marine fisheries management. As the thirteenth country to undergo such an assessment, China will benefit from a complete review of publicly available information regarding the country’s marine fisheries sector…