Author: Yannick Memee

Seychelles’ latest FiTI Report shows benefits of making fisheries transparency ‘mainstream’

25 April  2024. Seychelles’ National Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG) recently unveiled its fourth annual FiTI Report, describing the state of its marine fisheries sector throughout 2022. This publication stands as a crucial resource for local and global stakeholders alike, offering insights into the dynamics shaping Seychelles' marine fisheries. The 2022 FiTI…


Madagascar publishes first FiTI Report, demonstrating commitment to fisheries transparency

In a significant step, Madagascar's Multi-stakeholder Group (MSG) has published their inaugural FiTI Report, demonstrating their commitment to prioritising transparency within the fisheries sector. While the new report makes a range of previously unpublished information now publicly accessible, it also highlights a range of challenges. The 2022 FiTI Report, published…