Mauritania launches its FiTI National Multi-Stakeholder Group

Mauritania launches its FiTI National Multi-Stakeholder Group


NOUAKCHOTT – 13 January 2017. Mauritania became the first country to launch its FiTI National Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG), the main national decision-making body in charge of overseeing the implementation of the initiative in a country. Reflecting the multi-stakeholder approach of the FiTI, the FiTI National MSG is composed of representatives from government, business and the civil society, all equally represented.

Following internal consultations, which were conducted within each relevant stakeholder group to allow them to define who would best represent them on the FiTI National MSG, the selected representatives met on Friday for the first time at the Ministry of Economy and Finance in the Mauritanian capital.

This is the result of a process that started as early as January 2016, as representatives of the various relevant stakeholder groups from the fisheries sector started discussing the profiles which should be represented on the FiTI National MSG.

The International FiTI Secretariat welcomes this important step for the FiTI in Mauritania and will continue to accompany the country to ensure the full inclusiveness of the FiTI process. The MSG Members, who have been chosen by their respective stakeholder groups to represent them, will from now on need to ensure that they inform their constituency about the FiTI process and relevant ongoing discussions. They will also need to ensure that they channel their views back into the FiTI National MSG.

Being the 1st country to make the leap, Mauritania now allows the other FiTI pilot countries – Guinea, Indonesia, Senegal and the Seychelles – to benefit from its lessons learnt, thereby supporting the efforts to pave the way to FiTI implementation, which is expected to start with the 2nd International Conference of the FiTI (27 April 2017, Bali/Indonesia).