Month: April 2023

Ghana not data deficient, but shows significant transparency deficits for its marine fisheries sector, new assessment shows

26 April 2023. In its latest TAKING STOCK transparency assessment, the Fisheries Transparency Initiative (FiTI) evaluated the amount of fisheries information that national authorities in Ghana make publicly available via government websites. Based on the requirements of the FiTI Standard, this assessment reviewed transparency across 12 thematic areas of marine…


FiTI participates in transparency discussions on IUU fishing in Guinea-Bissau

21 April 2023. The FiTI International Secretariat participated in a conference regarding Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing in Guinea-Bissau, organised by the country's Ministry of National Defense, Several senior representatives participated in this two day event, including the Minister of the National Defense and Combatants of the Homeland of Guinea-Bissau,…


FiTI International Board sees ‘meaningful progress’ of FiTI implementation in Mauritania

14 April 2023. As part of the country's first validation, the FiTI International Board determined that Mauritania has made ‘meaningful progress’ in implementing the FiTI Standard during December 2018 until March 2022. The Board congratulates Mauritania for this achievement, which demonstrates that significant aspects of the validation requirements have been…