New reports on fisheries transparency in Mexico shows progress but also continuing challenges

New reports on fisheries transparency in Mexico shows progress but also continuing challenges

Building on the TAKING STOCK assessment published by FiTI and Causa Natura in 2021, Causa Natura launched a new report that analysed whether fisheries management transparency in Mexico has improved or deteriorated.

Launched during a virtual event with insights from Oceana, Smartfish, and ECOSUR, the report details the progress and challenges in fisheries transparency over the past two years. It reveals a significant gap: only 16% of 37 evaluated transparency elements show substantial progress, while 42% had partial progress and another 42% showed no progress at all. This highlights the complex task of implementing transparent practices in fisheries management and the importance of sustainable fishing practices globally.

The Causa Natura’s report was presented virtually so organizations like Oceana and Smartfish could share their perspectives. These groups highlighted the importance of the study and offered significant remarks on its findings, emphasizing the critical role of transparency in sustainable fisheries management in Mexico. The full broadcast of this insightful event can be viewed on Causa Natura’s Facebook page.

In the detailed report, Harumi Hayashida, coordinator of the Applied Research Unit at Causa Natura Center, conveyed the key findings: while there is progress in certain areas such as data on vessel arrivals and large-scale landings, significant gaps persist. These include inconsistencies in governmental data, outdated employment information, and lack of comprehensive data on foreign fishing activities and labor standards.

Moreover, the study points out the advancements in satellite monitoring of fishing vessels by Conapesca. However, it also highlights the need for better data accessibility and making its interpretation easier for effective monitoring and regulation of fishing activities.

The event and the study collectively drew attention to the need for continuous effort and collaboration among various stakeholders to fill the gaps in fisheries information. The panelists stressed that without accurate and readily available data, steering the fishing industry towards sustainability is a challenge.

The overarching conclusion from Causa Natura’s study highlights the imperative for transparency in Mexico’s fisheries sector. As Mexico approaches its election phase, it becomes increasingly vital for candidates to recognize and address these transparency challenges. The report, along with FiTI’s guidelines, offers a clear roadmap for the upcoming administration. This proactive approach is not just a policy choice but a strategic necessity for future governance. More details about Causa Natura’s Report can be found at Causa Natura Media.