Ecuador takes an important step towards joining the FiTI

Ecuador takes an important step towards joining the FiTI

Manta – 26 August 2021. Upon invitation from the Vice-Ministry of Aquaculture and Fisheries of Ecuador (VMAF) numerous stakeholders from the fisheries sector attended the workshop ‘Socialization of the Fisheries Transparency Initiative (FiTI) with the public and private fisheries sector in Ecuador’.

This event was co-organized by the VMAF, our national implementation partner Conservation International – Ecuador and the FiTI, and brought together around 30 participants from the public and business sector, as well as civil society.

At the event, Martin Zapata, our Regional Coordinator for Latin America presented the scope of the initiative and the potential for its implementation in Ecuador. Afterwards, representatives from Conservation International presented activities that have been developed so far to promote Ecuador’s adhesion to the FiTI. Mr Andrés Arens, Vice-Minister of Fisheries, highlighted the importance of transparency in the fisheries sector, which should be seen as an opportunity for greater sustainability and a better business environment.

The event attracted a high participation of representatives from Ecuador’s fishing sector, including the country’s largest fishing companies as well as members of small-scale fisheries associations. All participants expressed their willingness to cooperate in the process of Ecuador’s accession to the FiTI, noting that everyone benefits from a more transparent fisheries sector, and that transparency can help level the playing field and create fairer opportunities for all.

The event ended with the government authorities agreeing to implement a roadmap that was jointly defined between VMAF and the FiTI. This includes, inter alia, the organisation of an international event to discuss transparency standards and the presentation of the TAKING STOCK – Online Transparency of Fisheries Management Information assessment for Ecuador.