2nd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: Launching the first FiTI International Board

2nd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: Launching the first FiTI International Board

INDONESIA, 27 April 2017; The 1st FiTI International Board was launched at the 2nd International Conference of the FiTI on April 27, 2017.

Increasing transparency and participation in fisheries governance for the benefit of a more sustainable management of marine fisheries is a challenge that is unlikely to be met by a single actor or a stake­holder group alone. Instead, it needs a collective effort by all relevant stakeholders to incorporate a variety of perspectives and enhance transparency and trust over time. This holds true for national FiTI implementation as well as for the international governance.

In addition to the adoption of the first FiTI Standard, the 2nd International Conference also launched the initiative’s first International Multi-Stakeholder Board. The FiTI International Board is the global executive body of the FiTI, comprising of representatives from government, business and civil society. The Board oversees the activities of the FiTI through regular Board meetings, committee meetings and more frequent Board circulars. The FiTI International Board is chaired by Prof. Dr. Peter Eigen.

In order to ensure stability and knowledge transfer during the transition from the conceptual phase to the implementation phase of the FiTI, members of the First FiTI International Board were primarily recruited amongst the representatives of the previous FiTI International Advisory Group (link to conceptual phase). This pragmatic approach allows sufficient time until all the parameters are in place to ensure a formal election of Board members.

More information regarding the FiTI International Board can be accessed here.